Hands of Gratitude is about Impacting lives…yours and our 3D printed device recipients.  Hands of Gratitude is about realizing that each of us can do incredible things.  Hands of Gratitude is about empowerment, Empathy and embracing our differences.

Your team will make a difference and positively change a life…it might even be yours!




  • “I have been to every leadership event since the company was started. This is by far the best giveback event we’ve done yet.”

  • “I loved it. I was so focused on building the hands that I forgot to eat dinner. But it is for a good cause so I didn’t mind.”

  • “I have never done anything like this before, and it was awesome.”

  • “I loved this and I know my kids would love it, too!”

  • "Hands of Gratitude is a one-of-a-kind program that combines teamwork, service, dedication, precision and friendly competition.  Our team very quickly rallied around the task of building these unique assistive devices that would be sent around the world to help those in need.  The mission and the focus of this project fully engaged our teams, with each team member beaming with pride and joy knowing they are gave the world “a helping hand.”  Matt and his team did a phenomenal job in customizing the program and the build for our audience and showed incredible flexibility to accommodate our large team.  They were wonderful partners throughout this process and this event would not have been successful without them."




Corporate Motivation, Inc, located in Kent, Ohio, is an internationally recognized company launched in January 2007 to provide businesses with a platform to give back to the communities in which we live, work and play as well as to improve performance, morale and loyalty in the workplace.  Corporate Motivation provides guidance, tools, resources and University validated programs for businesses all over the world that are determined to participate in unique give back activities or raise funds and awareness for a variety of causes. 

Decorated cases

Teams will decorate pouches for the hands to travel and be stored in.