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Make a difference and positively impact a life - it might even be your own!

Hands of Gratitude is a fun and interactive program for individuals and teams to assemble 3D printed prosthetic hands. The completed devices are then distributed to thankful recipients around the world!

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Two men building a prosthetic hand in a give back program
Customized case decorated by team building participants to give to recipient of prosthetic hand
Young child happy to receive prosthetic hand

1. Assemble and create a functional prosthetic hand. Either on your own or with your team. 

2. Design colorful and creative carrying cases and notes for the future owner of your hand. 

3. Your hand, case and notes will be delivered to a recipient in need in the US or abroad.

Corporate Group Team Building

Our Hands of Gratitude program is a great way to use empathy and connection to build your leadership and your team. Guided by our expert facilitator, your custom designed program will address the unique circumstances of your team to build closer bonds and increase productivity and synergy - all while doing good!

Students in Schools

Delivered in the context of learning environments, the Hands of Gratitude program invites students to learn about philanthropy and giving back, as well as the nature of working with others to achieve a greater goal. 

Virtual Experience

Participate in Hands of Gratitude in your own way and at your own pace. Custom designed kits for your group or family delivered by mail, with the same expert facilitation as our organized group-setting programs. Work together to help others! 

Ready to get started?

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