Is your team present?
Are your colleagues engaged and mindful of their actions?

If not, or if you want to improve this skill, Corporate Motivation invites your organization to participate in our Denver University validated, adventure based, philanthropic teambuilding program - PLAY (Philanthropy, Leadership, Adventure, Yoga-Mindfulness). This event is unique, benefits the charity of your choice and improves the engagement and performance of the participants. PLAY programs create valuable PR opportunities and resonate with customers and shareholders alike. 

PLAY curriculums will mobilize your corporate team to PLAY through various awareness raising and adventure based development activities ranging from riding horseback, boating and paddle boarding to activities at your resort or on your own private island. Spend one day giving back and engage in a customized and fun 'Amazing Race' type challenge utilizing multiple components. 

Selection of PLAY accomplishments:

• Multiple Fortune 500 companies have participated in programs, including GE, JNJ, Ferguson, and Alcoa.

• Great exposure for participating organizations including an article in the Wall Street Journal. 

• $60,000 raised for Habitat for Humanity San Diego.

• $10,000+ raised for Project Open Hands, feeding the hungry in San Francisco.
• Contributed funding for education through college for 100 African girls in Kenya. 
• Contributed to homes built in the Dominican Republic. 
• Donated hundreds of bicycles to underprivileged youth. 

• Created and donated artwork to brighten the halls of Children's Center in Park City, UT and Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, OH. 

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