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About Us

 I started Corporate Motivation in 2007 after several years in the Adventure Based Training and Development market in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Although I continue to believe in the value of challenging perceived fear and personal limits through adventure, I noticed that even though there were personal and professional transformations taking place there was no long term positive impact to the communities in which the high price retreats were taking place.  The vision behind Corporate Motivation was and still is, to provide business and private groups a platform to give back to the community while still enjoying a customized retreat or event experience.


Our first program launched in 2007, PLAY (Philanthropy, Leadership, Adventure, Yoga/Mindfulness) was pretty quickly endorsed by Habitat for Humanity International and also vetted by an 18 month research study completed by Denver University.  The white paper from the DU research showed a growing interest in this type of program offering and suggested sustainable interest for years to come!  This proved true and here is a list of some of our accomplishments:

  • $60,000 raised for San Diego Habitat for Humanity

  • Four homes built for injured veterans in San Diego

  • Contributed to funding education for 100 African girls through college in Kenya

  • Have assembled and donated over 1000 3D printed prosthetic hands globally (Hands of Gratitude)

  • Contributed to multiple homes built in the Dominican Republic

  • Raised $10,000 + Dollars for Project Open Hands (feeding the hungry in San Francisco)

  • Created music program partnering with Ziggy Marley to raise significant funds for his charity; U.R.G.E (Needful Notes)

  • Raised thousands of dollars and mobilized volunteers for multiple Habitat for Humanity affiliates

  • Assembled and Donated dozens of bicycles to underprivileged kids

  • Created and donated ART projects to brighten the halls of kids’ center in Park City, UT, The Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, OH and multiple locations on Hilton Head, SC

  • Thousands of inspired, more connected, empowered and engaged workers

  • PLAY program supported by Habitat for Humanity International (but is open to any charity as a vehicle to raise funds)

  • Denver University Validated

  • Multiple Fortune 500 companies like GE, JNJ, Fed EX, Veritas, Abbot, Ferguson and Alcoa have participated with great exposure including article in Wall Street Journal as well as other media outlets


We continue to create unique experiences for our clients and are always looking for ways in which we can assist those interested in creating a better world.  We look forward to working with you!

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